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Ag Talk is a new podcast dedicated to taking a deeper look into Utah agriculture and food production. Our goal is to help give our listeners a better understanding of how their food is grown, introduce them to those who work in the industry every day, and help explore difficult topics such as agriculture water use. We also aim to help Utah's farmers and ranchers have a better understanding of the programs avaialble to them. 

Feb 5, 2024

What are Hemp Cannabinoid products and how do they differ from Medical Cannabis products? Join us on this episode of Ag Talk as we discuss hemp cannabinoid products, what they are, how they are regulated, and what products are available for use in Utah. 

Returning guests on this episode are Dr. Brandon Forsyth, Director of Medical Cannabis and Hemp, and Cody James, Deputy Director of Medical Cannabis and Hemp. 

More information on Hemp Cannabinoid Products

If you are interested in having Brandon and Cody see your hemp facility and would like to contact them, email