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Ag Talk is a new podcast dedicated to taking a deeper look into Utah agriculture and food production. Our goal is to help give our listeners a better understanding of how their food is grown, introduce them to those who work in the industry every day, and help explore difficult topics such as agriculture water use. We also aim to help Utah's farmers and ranchers have a better understanding of the programs avaialble to them. 

Feb 19, 2024

The Agriculture Voluntary Incentive Program, or commonly referred to as the Ag VIP program, is an important program that helps farmers and ranchers create nutrient management plans to help them better utilize these nutrients, while also protecting the safety of our natural resources, such as water sources. 

Join Conservation Division Director, Jim Bowcutt, and the Ag VIP program manager, Katie Slebodnik as they teach us about this program, how it helps farmers and the environment, and how to participate in the program. 

Ag VIP Program Page